Europe supports the breakthrough investment for biofuel production facility

Friday 1 May 2015

European Union has confirmed its support to the breakthrough pilot project at ArcelorMittal Gent.  Via the Horizon 2020 program a subsidy of 10.2 Meuro has been granted to the construction of the new production facility and the startup phase. The project was named ‘Steelanol’ referring to Steel + Ethanol. 

The objectives of Steelanol are fully in line with the H2020-LCE-12-2014-2 (Low Carbon Energy) challenges and expected impact of testing advanced biofuel technologies at large industrial scale to reduce technological risks, paving the way for subsequent commercial-scale industrial demonstration projects.

A successful kick-off meeting was held in Brussels on 10/06/2015 with all partners present and representatives of the EU DIRECTORATE-GENERAL for RESEARCH and INNOVATION.